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Citizen Science Lab Team Candice Johnson

Dr. Candice Johnson

Candice was born in Pittsburgh, PA as a first generation American to Jamaican parents. A consistent international travel itinerary during her childhood lead her to leave Pittsburgh not only for her scholastic endeavors, but also for her appreciation of culture variety and inclusion.

Her admiration of biomedical sciences started as early as middle school and was supported by weekend workshops at Carnegie Mellon University. This continued through high school and upon entering The University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Candice spent each summer back in Pittsburgh conducting research at the Center for Genomic Sciences in Allegheny General Hospital. Candice then attended graduate school at Meharry Medical College and obtained her PhD in Biomedical Sciences with her research interests focused on host-pathogen interactions and vaccine development.

After graduate school she was invited to the US Food and Drug Administration for a postdoctoral fellowship in the Office of Vaccine Research and Review. This started her career as a federal government scientist which came to a close when she realized scientific outreach was her true passion.

Now Candice is the Site Manager and interim STEM Coordinator of The Citizen Science Lab in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA. At TCSL, Candice organizes and ensures that all scientific experiences being shared with all citizens in our community will harbor great experiences and sustain a growing love for science and research.

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