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Past Community Pipeline Programs

The Citizen Science Lab has offered a variety of Pipeline Programs throughout its existence. By their nature, financial support for Community Pipeline Programs is absolutely essential to provide free access to knowledge and learning for our students. Some of our past Programs have retained funding year after year, and some of them are only funded for a short amount of time.

Please see the links below for examples of some of our past Community Pipeline Programs!

Past Community Pipeline Programs

Free programs sponsored by our partners to increase underrepresented youth interest in STEM.

Citizen Science Lab Drone Academy

Drone Academy

Students learn to safely operate drones to capture video footage.

Sponsored by The Buhl Foundation


NSF Mammalian Evolution

Participants learned how to extract and analyze DNA, eventually building their own phylogenetic tree.

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, in partnership with Carnegie Mellon

Citizen Science Lab iGEM


International synthetic biology competition.

Sponsored by the RK Mellon Foundation

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