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AMGEN® Biotech Experience

Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) Pittsburgh

Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) Pittsburgh is now offering a virtual opportunity for High school teachers to learn biotechnology techniques to bring into their classrooms!

Are you looking to introduce biotechnology to your classroom while engaging with your students in a blended learning pattern?

ABE Pittsburgh is proud to again partner with LabXchange to provide new virtual learning opportunities for new ABE teachers in the Pittsburgh area. This modular series of PDI courses provide a range of facilitated and unfacilitated experiences to support teacher learning wherever they are.

This course is specifically designed to introduce new ABE Teachers to the ABE community and curriculum. It is intended as a pre-workshop before in-person lab training can resume after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and we can join each other safely again in the lab.

Teachers will gain an understanding of the history, structure, key concepts, and central lab techniques included in the ABE curriculum.

For this virtual PDI course, teachers will be loaned a full set of micropipettes and pipetting practice materials to gain hands-on experience. Once materials are returned in good condition teachers will receive a certificate of completion and automatic admission to in-person professional development at The Citizen Science Lab.

Register and join the ABE Pittsburgh community now!! Learn foundational biotechnology skills and gain curriculum to implement in your classroom as soon as it is safe!

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