South Hills Lab

The Citizen Science Lab’s South Hills location, opened in 2019, includes 4 fully-furnished laboratories equipped for programs covering everything from microbiology to chemistry to robotics.

  • Dr. George Washingon Carver Lab: offering biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering laboratories, max 24 students 

  • Benjamin Banneker Lab:offering biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering laboratories, max 16 students

  • Dr. Mae Jemison Multipurpose Room: available for physics and engineering classes, meetings, and meals, max 12 students

  • Dr. Charles Drew Cell Culture Room: designed for advanced molecular and microbiology labs, max 4 students

  • Dr. Margaret S. Collins Mini Lab: child-safe laboratory for children in Pre-K through 3rd grade, max 8 students 


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South Hills Location

1699 Washington Rd. Suite 200

Pittsburgh PA 15228

(814) 830-3100


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